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KAIROS comes from the ancient Greek, meaning an opportune moment or the perfect time. In contrast to Chronos, which is sequential time, Kairos is qualitative time, a ripening of potential occurrence, that can come at any moment, but one must be ready and open....to receive.  Perhaps then, Kairos can also be viewed as the space between... the in breath and out breath of the Cosmos...liminal space and time.....where magic happens........a threshold.......like dawn or dusk.

Astrologers are also positioned at a threshold; the one between the Archetypes (planets and signs) and the personal experience of them. The space between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. Typically a consultation with a client involves sharing of knowledge and information.... a translation of the realm of meaning, coming through the lens of the experience of the Astrologer.

A new dimension can and should exist in consultations...one where both Astrologer and client engage and discover the mystery of the living archetypes...together.............. 

Patricia L. Walsh

Patricia L. Walsh

The Astrologer, as mediator, holds the potential to not only to bring collective cohesion, one human psyche at a time, but to also rekindle faith in a benevolent, harmonious and synchronistic universe. The potential for direct intuitive connection, that leads one to a firm knowing of one's place in the Cosmos, is everyone's birth rite, as we have our life in the Archetypes as much as they do in us!

You can learn techniques to weave into your practice, that will help fulfill this noble purpose.


Who this training is for

The skills taught are for those who wish to, or are already practicing Astrology with clients. You can take the training for your own personal development/exploration even if you do not intend to use the techniques with clients.

Basic Astrology knowledge (Houses, Planets, Signs, Aspects)  is required as it is not a part of the training.

Those with a Healing or Counseling background will find this training invaluable.


As Above, So Below.....As Within, So Without

As Above, So Below.....As Within, So Without

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