“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.”...Rainer Maria Rilke

It is our ancient ancestral birthright to live in a state of aware interconnection. 

Yes we are connected to each other, the land and the cosmos, but our attention is often only mono- focused…either only focused on others and the outer world, or on ourselves and our inner workings.  The magic that connects our inner world of meaning with the outer world of appearance awakens only when we are simultaneously aware of both worlds at once. 

The Kairos Astrology training is designed to give you methods and techniques to use with clients (and yourself) to connect the above with the below and the inner with the outer!

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A little bit about how the Kairos Training came into being, what it's purpose is, a few personal stories and a rude but timely interruption from my puppy Flynn................

Stop recording that video and come play with me!!!!

Stop recording that video and come play with me!!!!

The diagram of the charts itself with it’s lines, angles contained within a circle is a mandala, that even a non-astrologer can meditate upon and receive insight about it and themselves. The tensions of oppositions, squares etc.. represent various conflicting drives or impulses within (and without) seeking integration and equal expression... but let’s not forget the map is not the territory!!!
— Patricia L. Walsh

A Taste of what you will learn

  • Opening to and inviting synchronicity in your life
  • Daytime / Twilight / Night Time consciousness
  • Invoking and guiding Imagery for yourself and clients
  • Gestalt techniques / Dialogue with Planets
  • Role Play to understand intrapsychic tensions and to facilitate creative resolution     


  • Aboriginal understanding of working with dreams, visions and imagery
  • Journeying with ‘spirit animals’ as carriers of astrological and archetypal wisdom.
  • 'Waking Dreaming' into the chart
  • The Dynamics of Complexes (Complexes are Complex!)
  • Past Life storytelling to relieve 'karmic complexes'
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